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Annoying ads in web, streaming media, and mobile devices?

Try our Remove ADS Service

What's this?

What's this?

Using this service you can disable almost all ads that you see every day in many webs and devices. WITHOUT plugins!!


In Youtube Without RADS


In Youtube With RADS


In Mobile Devices Without RADS


In Mobile Devices With RADS

How to use?

Just simply change your DNS settings to:



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You can also put this dns addresses on any device that you'd like to: Home Router, TV, Tablet devices, etc.


Yes, this service is totally free! DNS IPs might change once a year, because we are using low cost hosted servers and they have this inconvenient. If you want to use this service for commercial purpose please contact us and we'll show you the business solution.
Follow us on twitter to stay updated about changes or visit again this website when ads reappear.
Rads service doesn't work like a plugin, it works like a traffic filter outside from your mobile device or computer, does not require to install anything.
We block a thousand ads from all globe but it's possible that you can see sometimes an ad. It could happen because server's ads list is refreshed every 48 hours.
Yes, it does. But there are some providers that don't offer the possibility to change the dns, so it will only work with WIFI networks.

About Us

We are young engineers who don't want to spend time viewing ads in websites, apps and streaming contents, so we've created this service for our own purpose. We realized that it works very well so we decided to put this service online and let all people use it without charges.

Of course this service is 100% free, but if you want to contribute with this project to get bigger and more stable click here.

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